Friendly, Experienced & Eager To Please
Neil Hopkins

Neil Hopkins

Director and Boss Man!

Neil opened Indigo’s doors in 2006 after 20 years of working as a self employed stylist. He wanted a place to grow a team of experienced stylists in a creative and relaxing environment for both staff and clients alike. After 12 years on Regent street, Boss man Neil opened Indigo’s new doors on the Parade in January 2018.

When Neil’s not in the salon you will often find him assisting top session stylists such as Eugene Souliman, Duffy, Martin Cullen, on fashion shows across the world. Once he’s home and back behind a chair at Indigo expect him to create the perfect look, men and women alike. He understands that a lot of women want to be feminine and glamorous without looking ‘over-done.’ Neil has an eye for detail paying attention on what style suits the individual, ensuring every client leaves with a style perfectly tailored to them. He also helps clients achieve their look at home with expert styling tips and practical advice.


Samantha Lea

Samantha Lea

Salon Manager and Glamour Puss

After being a client of Neil’s for ten years, he finally talked Sam into working for him! Working as our fabulous front of house Manager since 2010, you will find Sam usually is the first face you see as you walk into Indigo. Ready with a smile, a warm welcome (and a bit of glamour) she kicks starts your Indigo experience. We really don’t know what we would do without her!
Completed courses at Indigo
• 2017 – Aveda Skin Care
• 2017 – My Aveda
• 2015 – Aveda Effective Team Meetings
• 2014 – Aveda Benchmarking for Success
• 2014 – Aveda Maximising your Front Desk

Adele Smith

Adele Smith

Director and Baking Enthusiast

We call her ‘The Swan’ mainly because she has the ability to glide around the salon in the calmest of manners. Neil’s right hand (wo)man and adviser….Indigo would be lost without her. A truly amazing hairdresser and the top of her game in all fields – she is an Aveda colour ambassador. Adele has a thirst for knowledge and loves developing her techniques. Her ability of just ‘knowing’ the right look for each client is an art form in itself. When she’s not baking up a storm in the kitchen or running her monthly 10K you will find her creating flawless, wearable hair, for real people.
Completed courses at Indigo
• 2019 – Bleach applications – Not another salon
• 2018 – Freehand and balayage techniques – Not another salon
• 2016 -L’Oreal 20:20 – Balayage with Jack Howard
• 2016 – L’Oreal 5 minute hair up workshop
• 2016 – L’Oreal Bridal hair workshop
• 2015 – L’Oreal Balayage Free Hand & Ombre Techniques
• 2015 – Aveda Colour Ambassador Training
• 2014 – Aveda Balayage
• 2014 – Aveda Full Spectrum Deep
• 2013 – Bumble and Bumble Styling Foundation
• 2013 – Sassoon ABC Cutting
• 2012 – Foundation Degree in Leadership and Management – Staffordshire University
• 2012 – Aveda Style Systems
• 2012 – Aveda Contemporary Creatives
• 2011 – Aveda Innovative Cutting
• 2011 – Aveda Innovative Colour
• 2010 – Aveda Product Knowledge


Danielle Lee

Danielle Lee

Director and Pocket Rocket

‘Though she be little, she is fierce!’ and we mean that in the nicest possible way. Danielle demonstrates a vast knowledge of all things hair, including being an Aveda colour ambassador – she is always our go to girl when we need a second opinion on our colour pallet choice. She has a unique understanding of what styles and shapes that best suit the individual. Danielle also coordinates all of Indigos in house training and workshops for our junior members of staff. Working for Indigo since 2008 she has worked her way to the top of the Indigo ladder.
Completed courses at Indigo
• 2019 – NVQ assesors course
• 2018 – NVQ level 3
• 2018 – Loreal 5 minute hair up tips and tricks
• 2017 – L’Oreal 20:20 Balayage with Jack Howard
• 2015 – Aveda Colour Ambassador Training
• 2014 Cultivate Your Colour
• 2014 Balayage
• 2013 Aveda Product Knowledge
• 2011 Legendary Classic
• 2010 Contemporary Foil Placement
• 2009 Consultation
• 2009 My Aveda

Jaimie George

Jaimie George

Creative Director and Globe Trotter

When Jaimie isn’t creating beautiful hair at Indigo, she is styling and dressing hair on runways and shoots. Having since the age of 16 been building her skills she has become a respected and accomplished member of the fashion industry. Working alongside Eugene Souliman (one of the most influential hair stylists) as a member of his core team, travelling all over the world. Don’t be fooled by the fabulous career in fashion however – Jaimie’s down to earth approach in salon is loved by clients. Expect to see Jaimie creativing beautiful hair that is fashion lead but wearable.

(An honest note – Jaimies session work sometimes means she is sporadic in her appointment availability – give us a call and we can let you know her in salon dates.)

Completed courses at Indigo
• 2017 – Aveda colour systems
• 2017 – Aveda colour solutions

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris

Creative Director - always got her dancing shoes on!

Elizabeth “looks good in a bin bag-Harris”, is your go to girl for a relaxed experience with a friendly (well applied lippy) smile.
Her natural and honest approach enables her to understand what is best suited for the individual, and she strives for the perfect experience for every appointment.
If you’re looking for a style to look as good at home, as the day you leave the salon – she’ll give you some tips to make your hair look as glamorous on a rainy Tuesday as it does on a Saturday night.

Completed Courses at Indigo
• 2017 – L’Oreal 5 minute hair up
• 2017 – L’Oreal 20:20 Balayage with Jack Howard
• 2016 – Aveda Men
• 2015 – Social Media
• 2014 – Master your Mix
• 2014 – Pure Foiling
• 2013 – Full Spectrum Deep
• 2013 – Hair Colour Systems
• 2013 – Productivity


Creative Director Colourist and Ozzy Gal

Mariesa has worked for Indigo since February 2019 after returning to hairdressing from maternity leave. Originally from Australia, Mariesa has worked all around the world, but has now settled down in Leamington. Mariesa specialises in colour only and particularly loves using the unique and natural beauty of each individual client hair to create soft and natural colours.

Completed courses at Indigo
• 2019 – Aveda hair colour systems and solutions

Daisy Watton

Daisy Watton

Stylist and Painted Lady

Indigo has enjoyed working with Daisy since 2015 – starting her hairdressing career with us. Watching her grow from her very first haircut she is now a successful stylist with a loyal clientele. Daisy’s striking appearance doesn’t just stop at her tattoos. The Painted Lady uses her own pallet and likes to create strong, bold hair (on the right client) but will also turn her hand to create wearable natural hair – ensuring nobody leaves as a carbon copy.
Completed courses at Indigo
• 2019 – Aveda core men 1 & 2
• 2019 – Aveda Kinetic Colour
• 2017 – L’Oreal Advanced Mens Cutting course
• 2017 – Pure Foiling
• 2017 – Beyond Balayage
• 2016 – Master your Mix
• 2016 – Merging Colours

Chloe Greaves

Chloe Greaves

Stylist and Festival Queen

Our braiding sensation and up and coming stylist, will not only get you festival ready but she’ll create hair that shows off the best version of you! Another home grown talent of Indigo, Chloe started as an apprentice and has now developed her own unique style. Joining the creative team of stylists she’s often called for work on Fashion week and hair exhibitions. Chloe is very approachable, a great listener with a fun and playful attitude to hair. She will make your Indigo experience, the best it can be.

Completed courses at Indigo
• 2019 – Aveda Core Cutting 1 & 2
• 2017 – My Aveda
• 2017 – Aveda Systems & Solutions

Ellie Rockliff

Junior Stylist and Yummy Mummy

Following a successful career in Skincare and retail, Ellie wasn’t afraid to try something new…..and we’re so glad she did! Raised and polished at Indigo, she demonstrates a willingness to learn and a strong determination. She is now able to show off her skills on the salon floor.
Ellie has a very happy presence within the salon and this is reflected in everything she does.

Completed courses at Indigo
• 2019 Aveda Hair Colour Systems and Solutions
• 2019 Aveda Pure Foiling

Lucie Martin

Junior Stylist and Party Girl

Rising star Lucy, joined Indigo in 2018 to complete her hairdressing training. Under the watchful eye of the salon Educators, Lucy has grown in confidence and is a key member of the team.
Her calm manner, and desire to give a look that’s not trendy, but on trend, means Lucy is quickly progressing through the ranks.

Completed courses at Indigo
• 2019 – Aveda hair colour systems and solutions

Ellie D

Junior Stylist and Red Head

An exceptional young hairdresser Ellie is building her knowledge in all things hair. After starting her career elsewhere, the Indigo education team are helping her perfect her skills.
Her natural eye (something you can’t teach) means she is quickly progressing into a confident stylist.
Definitely one to watch.
Completed courses at Indigo
• 2019 – Aveda hair colour systems and solutions

Becky Greaves

Beauty Therapist and Salon Angel

Becky joined the salon as our salon assistant after a background in art. She may be small but her massages are incredible! She also offers additional specific beauty treatments, and you will also find her assisting in the salon day to day.

Courses completed at Indigo

• 2019 Aveda Stress Fix Massage
• 2019 Aveda Chakra Massage
• 2019 CND Shellac Nail course
• 2018 Traditional swedish massage therapy

We are also assisted by a wide team of helpers! From receptionists to our apprentices and trainees – the next era of stylists – we couldn’t do our job without them!

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